The eating competitor, Bioengineering and its moral measurement


The popular Japanese youtube blogger Yuka Kinoshita updated the youtube channel of her eating experience in Wuhan, China. In the new video, she ate 15 dishes including frog hot pot, crawfish, a big salad, and rice or noddles,  7000kcal in total. As a famous “beauty eating competitor”,  Kinoshita is welcomed by tons of fans in her youtube channel. As the official data shows, she is only 158cm tall and 47.1 kg. The slim figure and cute appearance give a huge contrast to her astonishing appetite. In her youtube channel, she will normally eat 5kg food within an hour without any effort. She looks enjoying her food during her eating and keeps saying “yummy” to show her satisfaction towards food. A Japanese TV show once co-operates with the hospital to discover why she could eat so much, it turns out that Kinoshita’s stomach would expand 66 times than normal and spouse all the lumen, giving her space for her appetite.

The eating competitor like Kinoshita could exist both by training and their inborn ability. Their stomach can stretch much larger than normal people. By absorbing a large amount of water and milk, the eating competitor trains their stomach to stay in stretchy and keep their ability to eat a lot.


As an article interning an “eating competitor” in China shows, there are many competitors is eating this much food by throwing them up later on after the video. (Douban article). So if we make that assumption that if people can choose to make themselves “Kinoshita” as their wishes, is it a proper choice for them to use bioengineering method to achieve that goal? For people in the article, doing a bioengineering surgery to make her a real eating competitor whose stomach can stretch as they are eating. So she would not have to throw everything up and suffer from that.

From bioengineering perspective, it is possible to make artificial eating competitor. If only they can get some sugary or some genic changing to make their stomach stretchy enough for that amount of food.

So the arguing is about whether it is moral or proper for people to transform them


eating competitor, or just using bioengineering with aim of enjoying rather than survival purpose. As Mathew Liao talked in his article about selecting the child,  there are different moral standers for that problem.

One issue will be that if people can make themselves eating competitors to stretch their stomach of any part of their body. Using bioengineer to change one person’s body structure or function would only mainly influence the individual, so the argument about individual will and group benefit doesn’t arise a lot here.  Also compared to selecting child case, the bioengineering towards making “Kinoshita” is based on adult human being that is aware of the choice they make. It is not determined other’s life form but for their own. But the potential risks and danger for Bioengineering project could not be ignored. So despite the technical difficulties, should it be acceptable for these kinds of bioengineering surgery or project towards individuals?  

In my opinion, the cases could be so different compared to Liao’s case of selecting children or climate change. We can try to refer to different views in selecting child session, and we could find that most of the views would consider the basic living as a standard. From some view, like LWL view, this case might apply to worth living because an individual chooses to do the surgery on themselves on their own view, they would get some beneficial result from that whether it is mentally or physically. So as long as the pontifical risk is warned before an individual’s decision is made purely on their own will, it could be bioengineering work on towards human.



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