From Last week’s Chalmer’s  article and his Skype visit about VR (Virtual Reality), the impressive point about his talking on impacts of VR. Professor Anna Greenspan asked a question about whether reality world or VR world would cause more impacts to each other. In Chalmer’s article we can see that VR world could bring emotions like violence to the person who is in the reality world. This is the negative impact, and I think this is also where I thought of the movie Ready Player One.

    In the movie Ready Player One, its VR game —Oasis has already beyond the definition of immersive. Many comments like will Steven Spielberg who directed this movie be the person who motivates slumberous VR market. However, I do not agree on this point. What we see from the movie is not the accurate future of VR. VR’s development, as what we feel now, is right on its track. To judge its direction, I think what Chalmer says about immersive in his article is supposed to be a firm criterion.

    The impact from VR , in my opinion, should have a very clear boundary from the reality world. Although Chalmer says that VR should be immersed—but this characteristic should only be felt when player are in the VR game. In other words, when players turn off VR devices and computers, they are supposed to know they are in the reality but not VR world.

    In the movie, the impact from VR world on the reality world is huge and overwhelming. VR world for Wade, the leading role, is the reality. In the game Oasis, he can do whatever he wants and he is addicted to the game. Another clue which can demonstrate that this movie is not a prediction for VR industry is that what players are doing in the VR game is to change the situation of the reality world. In other words, players are not only treating VR games as an entertainment or purely technology product but a tool to make changes for the the real life. According to what Chamler says about immersive, I think the impacts from VR in this movie have already crossed the border between VR and reality life. 

    Another setting in this movie is that players can feel pain after installing some devices for the game. This is controversial since that if . the impact from VR are physically, then how can we say it is “virtual”?


    As I what said above, VR games should let players to distinguish what is reality and what is virtual—this is sort of arbitrary but essential for VR industry. The meaning of VR today expanded methods of viewing something digitally. In the future, the meaning of VR should should not be used to change the reality. Oasis in the movie is only a flawless, artistic virtual product for the need of innovations of movies and Steven Spielberg’s personal passions. If that is the terminal of VR, I guess it would be better to change a name.