The “NIME: New Interfaces in Musical Expression” had their final presentation as a concert during the midterm. Students in that class explore creating sound and music through technologies. There are different triggers and forms of ways to make the sound in their project.
Here is one project by Ariel

Ariel has a whole paper with different Arduino sensors. She had several sensors on the vase and the circuit is connected under the surface paper. The surface paper is coving another layer of paper with drawn water-color painting. She used a brush with water and drop the water on the first layer of the water, then the paper will stick to another layer under the surface paper and show the paintings already done on the paper. At the same time, she would use water to activate the sensor and make the circuit connected to Arduino and making the sound. Each sensor has a tone and by they are active by water, so as long as the water is not dry, the sound will be kept. So during the show, we can see how parenting of plants gradually appears with different channels of sound adding each time.
(Ariel ‘s documentation
Another project from Demi

Demi has three cards painted with fluorescents inks in red, blue and green. She set up a board and attached a magnet to the cards. Each card has a tune with changing pitch and volume. As she moves the card on the board, the pitch and volume will change according to the position of the card. Three cards’ three tones will mix together as she moving the cards.
(Demi’s documentation:
Two projects are both playing sound and visual at the same time. As they are playing, the makes communications between two sense of technology, which extend the normal human sense and overlapping two sense together. The project that focusing on sound visitation could be traced back to 1976 (Wikipedia’s about music visualisation with the development of video effects editing tools and sound mixing technology, the NIME concert still gives a refreshing feeling to audience’s sense.
As we talked during the class, the idea of magic relays heavily on people’s notion of existing things.So the “myth” is the idea that people create for the things that they can’t understand from the existed notion or that break the rule of their previous experience. The religion, therefore, won its follower by creating the myth that can explain phenomena that people can’t manage to make sense. As Josephson-Storm argued in his book, the idea of “magic” was interrupted by process of modernity“.  Since the modern science system established and most of the nature myth can be explained from a “science perspective”, people tuned their belief in modern science so that religion and magic lost some of power and influence among people.But even advanced technology which fake people’s sense or go beyond the common sense of people could be interpreted as “magic”. The NIME concerts and project shown during the concert shows this magic played by the new form of technology. By breaking the barrier of sense and connecting human’s sense, the audience can feel the power of magic while giving the “myth” sense to the projects.