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Month: December 2016

AI Existential Risk and Simulated Worlds

Musk – AI Existencial Risk Musk – Simulated Worlds The future of artificial intelligence is promising. Smart cars, automation, and…

Blog 3:The extension and restriction of human power in the era of cognisphere

In her paper “Unfinished Work: From Cyborg to Cognisphere”, N. Katherine Hayles turns people’s attention from cyborg to a new…

When the “Sexiest Woman Alive” is Actually a Cyborg

You don’t need a fetish for cyborgs to find Scarlett Johansson sexually attractive, but it might help.

How Important are the Social Implications of Biotechnology?

In Professor Matthew Liao’s “Selecting Children” paper, as well as in his presentation to our class two weeks ago, Liao…

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