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Month: August 2016
Tate Britain project uses AI to pair contemporary photos with paintings

The project will be available online in full from 2 September.

The first autonomous, entirely soft robot

Not all robots are rigid and driven by electronics.

Big Unknowns

Nicola Davis presents Big Unknowns: What Will Become of Us?, an episode of the Science Weekly podcast covering many of the questions…

Of prediction and policy

A brief article from The Economist on the benefits and problems of using machine learning to guide public policy.

The Great Productivity Puzzle

Technological development is supposed to drive productivity—so why has productivity stagnated over the last decade? John Cassidy at The New Yorker.

Artificial Intelligence Saves a Woman's Life

An artificial intelligence identifies a disease that doctors couldn’t.

The super-recognisers of Scotland Yard

The best humans are still better than the best computers at recognising faces.

Adam Thierer and Wendell Wallach

A discussion between Adam Thierer and Wendell Wallach on the extent to which new technologies should be regulated in light of risks.

How machine learning can amplify or remove gender stereotypes

Machine learning algorithms can automatically generate gender biases—but they are also easier to correct, writes the Social Media Collective at Microsoft Research New England.

When Bots Attack: Behind The Scenes Of The World's First All-Machine Hacking Contest

Not your typical fight for millions of dollars in Las Vegas. A story by Neal Ungerleider for Fast Company.

Philosophy of Technology at NYU Shanghai, a course by Anna Greenspan and Brad Weslake.